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Artist’s Statement

Free-stamding figure of Shou Lau, the Chinese God of Longevity.

Height: 17" (42 cm).

Body of hand-dyed cotton fabric on a wire armature. Hair is mohair.

He wears blue jeans, complete with brass rivets, a logo T-shirt, and cork-soled sandals, all hand made.

He carries a peach (purchased), the traditional symbol of longevity, a staff of persimmon wood, and (in the hip pocket of his jeans) a red cell phone of Paperclay.

Still available (9/5/00), at $450.00 plus shipping.

I designed this fellow for the 2000 Jekyll Island Doll Challenge. The theme for the challenge was Chinese New Year—Y2K—Year of the Dragon.

I decided that Shou Lau has been around a long time (as one of the Eight Immortals), and it's time he updated his image for the new millennium. So instead of his traditional robes, he has become an Internet geek, complete with a cell phone and a logo T-shirt that says:

I've let him keep his walking staff and his peach, so he's still the same old guy that you can see on boxes of ginseng tea.