Obaa-san Returns from Market
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Artist’s Statement

Japanese grandmother figure with stand.

Height 16 in. (40 cm.)

Body is silk on a wire armature. Mohair wig.

Clothing: Cotton kimono made from vintage Japanese fabric with a silk lining. Silk obi.

Accessories: Handmade zori and tabi and a bamboo walking stick. Vegetables of Paperclay.

Still available (3/5/00) at $425.00 plus shipping.

“Obaa-san” is the Japanese word for grandmother. This little old woman is coming home from the market carrying vegetables for the family’s evening meal. She has her walking stick with her.

I found the fabric for Obaa-san’s kimono in a pile of used Japanese clothing that someone was selling. Actually, it started out as a Japanese-style woman’s blouse. When I looked at the fabric, I saw it as kimono being worn by a little old woman. She was a little bit bent over, walking with a staff, carrying something...

Then I started to make her. I dyed some silk crepe a pale pink to make a lining for her kimono. And when she was dressed, I discovered that what she was carrying was a furoshiki filled with vegetables for the evening meal.