Kelp Prince
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Artist’s Statement

Fantasy figure.

Height: (top of head to base of tail fins): 36 in. (90 cm).

Body is hand dyed cotton fabric. Armature in the body, fins, hands and arms.

Hair is made from various yarns and fibers, decorated with pearls, beads, mother-of-pearl fish and stars.

He is part of a limited edition of six pieces, each one made from a different piece of hand-dyed fabric.

Two figures (but not the pictured one) remain available in the edition. $400.00 plus shipping.

I started out making mermaids using the conventional body plan. Then I began to wonder why mercritters had to look like they're humans crossed with cod.

When I designed this fellow, I was trying to see what a mermaid (OK, a merman) would look like if the fish part came from a “different” kind of fish. For this version, I chose a pipe fish from the Great Barrier Reef. A relative of the sea horse, the pipe fish has long kelp-like fins. This helps it hide in the sea weed.

The original title was “Merman” but my Japanese friend, who was helping translate my titles, assured me that mermaids were only female. We decided to call him “Kelp Prince”. So that makes him the “Prince formerly known as Merman” ;-)