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Figure of a Nubian drummer playing a frame drum, with base and stand.

Height: 30 in. (75 cm).

Cotton fabric. Body fabric is hand-dyed and accented with fabric paint.

Drum has a wooden frame with a parchment-paper head.

Judges’ award, Manteca doll show 1997.

Still available (2/28/00), at $570.00 plus shipping

I‘ve started a new series of figures that will portray musicians and dancers from the Middle East.

“Hamza” is a Nubian drummer playing the tar. I was inspired by watching my husband Bill playing tar and by listening to the same instrument being played by Hamza el-Dîn (hence the name) on the Kronos Quartet’s album, Pieces of Africa.

Fabrics for the costume are selected from various sources to look like the clothing Hamza wore the last time I saw him perform.

This figure has what I call a “partial armature”— that is, the body, arms and legs each have a wire armature but they are not connected. The hands have wire in each finger.