Gion 2100
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Artist’s Statement

Kneeling figure made of silver tissue lamé.

11 inches (28 cm) tall.

This is an original design. Her obi is metallic mesh, tied with plastic cord. She holds an electronic keyboard on her lap.

Still available (3/5/00) at $180.00 plus shipping.

For many people, the geisha is the epitome of Japan—distant, beautiful, mysterious. But Japan is changing. Technology is taking over. If technology continues to advance at its current pace, what will happen to the geisha?

The year is 2100, the place is Gion, the old geisha quarter in Kyoto. Playing her ‘robo-koto’ the modern geisha has changed to keep up with the times.

The inspiration for this figure arrived in a strange way. I was having drinks with friends. My drink arrived with a neon green clear plastic toothpick holding the lime slice. I looked at it and thought “what kind of a geisha would wear this in her hair?”

The answer was to create a design that echoes Japanese air-brush illustrations from the 80’s—mages of beautiful female robots in gleaming silver. Robo-Geisha?